Scientific Infrastructure

EIT Manufacturing

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is by now a well-established instrument to create, nurture and develop innovation ecosystems. As Europe’s largest innovation network with more than 1 000 partners in 40 hubs boosting innovation across Europe. EIT’s moto is to “make innovation happen” by bringing together the key ingredients – education, research […]

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HYLAB – Collaborative Laboratory for Green Hydrogen

HYLAB is an association of 13 Companies+Universities+R&D Institutes, promoted by EDP Inovação. The two universities are U. Porto and IST. HyLAB targets a gap between the academia and industrial ecosystems in the implementation of green hydrogen to boost the energy transition and to tackle the above-mentioned challenges, through the entire hydrogen value chain. Furthermore, the

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A second European rail initiative is being prepared for 2020-30, contributing to decarbonisation through sustainable and smart mobility. The vision is to develop a connected and open rail framework for the European mobility in terms of a scalable Rail System Architecture, derived from the business vision of the Railways in 2030-2050 as the backbone of



SHIFT2RAIL is the first European rail initiative to seek focused research and innovation (R&I) and market-driven solutions by accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions. Shift2Rail promotes the competitiveness of the European rail industry and meets changing EU transport needs. R&I carried out under this Horizon 2020 initiative develops the

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AIRCENTER – Atlantic International Research Center

Atlantic International Research Centre, based in the Azores, the AIR Centre will be a platform for the development of research activities on climate, land, space and ocean. It will create scientific jobs for highly qualified human resources, while enabling integrated research on the Atlantic. The governments of Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Angola, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Uruguay

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EMSO – European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory

EMSO aims to explore the oceans, to gain a better understanding of phenomena happening within and below them, and to explain the critical role that these phenomena play in the broader Earth systems. EMSO consists in a system of regional facilities placed at key sites around Europe, from North East to the Atlantic, through the

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