The ARISE AL is focused on the development of people, valuing their achievements, and integrating them as agents of the society development and the ARISE itself. This means creating conditions for the opening of career competitions, in a dynamic organization that value and recognizes the work of different members, maintaining an attitude of permanent evaluation of results and performance.

The human capital agenda will be intertwined with the research and innovation agendas and will both consider the attraction of established and young researchers and engineers. For the former, the ARISE AL will actively make use of the national strategy for the integration of highly qualified and internationally competitive scientists (e.g., FCT direct funding of employment of researchers with a PhD), as well as use the new legal framework (Decree 57/2016) to support hiring researchers. Complementing this, ARISE AL has been creating a program for attracting young researchers, both for research activities as well as for development and innovation. Through its various research activities, the ARISE AL will contribute to the employment of highly qualified staff in research and innovation organizations by generating the opportunities and encouraging the interactions between scientists and engineers in a business context.