The activity of the ARISE AL relies on the strong collaboration among its R&D units supplying the wide array of expertise underlying its domains of intervention, organized in research groups, hosting researchers to enable the efficient execution of their specialized activities and to provide the necessary knowledge and experience to promote the scientific program and its projection in society with emphasis on the support and follow-up of public policies, on the promotion of highly qualified employment, and in the attraction of talents and funds for worldwide competitive research and innovation, along its thematic lines. The Governance Structure is as follows:

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is composed by the coordinators of the 5 R&D Units associated in the ARISE AL– CDRSP, CEMMPRE, ISISE, ISR-C, SYSTEC – whose activity is coordinated by its director, elected among its members.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board includes members of the Advisory Boards of the R&D Units to follow, review, and provide recommendations to the policies, processes, activities, and resources deployment of the ARISE AL.

Scientific Board
The Scientific Board of the ARISE AL is composed by the Thematic Lines Committee comprising the coordinators of the Thematic Lines, the Thematic Lines Committee and the Research Groups Committee.

Scientific Council
The Scientific Council is formed by 35 ARISE integrated researchers elected yearly basis. It appreciates the annual workplan and budget with the possibility of proposing and voting amendments. It also participates actively on the annual workshop of the ARISE AL to present and discuss projects, activities, brainstorm on disruptive ideas, and design proposals for the strategic R&D roadmaps.