PAMI – Portuguese Additive Manufacturing Initiative

PAMI is led by CDRSP from the IP Leiria, and counts with a very strong participation of the ARISE AL research unit ISR-C from the Institute of Systems and Robotics, CEMMPRE from  Universidade Coimbra, and also involves key partners such as, IP Nunes, CENTIMFE and CNC.

ARISE LA – Advance Production and Intelligent Systems is strongly articulated to this research infrastructure. Both ARISE LA and PAMI intend to respond to a crucial competitiveness challenge and threat to future property: closing the gap between R&D activities and the development of technological innovations in production of goods. PAMI is also in-line with the CRER2020 program for the central region of Portugal. All nodes of PAMI are committed to the following general aims:

  1. Fostering novel research areas and interdisciplinary fields.
  2. To encourage, support and help in creation of products and launch of spin off companies from the current research institutes in fields of engineering, and medical sciences.
  3. To provide educational services and prepare the new generation of engineers and,
  4. To provide prototyping services to external companies/ Institutes. PAMI proposes a clever distribution of excellent infrastructures within the central region of Portugal with different areas of specialty: Mechanical, Materials, and Electrical Engineering, and Bio-Sciences.

This infra-structure plays a core role in the ARISE LA and many of its activities are already discussed in the Thematic line Advanced Production Systems and Processes.