Human capital is the cornerstone of any Associated Laboratory, being directly linked to the absorptive capacity and productivity. In order to reach excellence, ARISE AL must recruit human capital to accumulate competencies and increase its learning ability.
Complementarily, but with greater relevance given the positioning as an integrator of competencies based heavily on aggregating competencies and resources through international networking, this pillar will also emphasize mobility at both EU and international levels.


  • Establishment of cooperation agreements with European and International organizations for research cooperation, including exchange of secondments and joint post-graduation programmes.
  • Promote doctoral programmes with industry and academia with intersectoral and international mobility.
  • Active use of European Commission’s mobility programmes, including Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, and partnership with the Marie Curie Alumni Association, the world’s largest researchers’ association with over 15,000 members and growing every day.
  • Support services for incoming researchers in the region, with help in questions regarding working permit, retting a flat, etc.

Ultimately, ARISE will strive for recruitment and career progression of researchers who differ by the quality of science activities and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Opening research careers opportunities that can give some stability to the researchers’ activity, seeking to finance these careers with the financial results obtained by the R&D activity. This means designing a programme for hiring researchers, strongly based on results (to assure finance sustainability), which allows attracting competitive researchers, creating an environment conducive to productivity, and guaranteeing the necessary work conditions for researchers, and therefore increasing the ability to attract and hire talent.