A second European rail initiative is being prepared for 2020-30, contributing to decarbonisation through sustainable and smart mobility.

The vision is to develop a connected and open rail framework for the European mobility in terms of a scalable Rail System Architecture, derived from the business vision of the Railways in 2030-2050 as the backbone of European Multimodal Mobility is of great importance.

Given the challenges in terms of capture of market share in the future 20-30 years and the opportunities of digitalization, it appears obvious that, similarly to other sectors as Air Traffic Management, a Rail System Architecture is needed. Considered as a global and underlying framework to offer a coherent ecosystem for undertaking, the overall research and innovation activities proposed in this strategic research agenda will be achieved towards a Connected and open rail framework for the European mobility.

In a longer-term view, a potential ETML (European Traffic Management Layer for railways) based on a high-performance digital rail system architecture for the secure exchange of information between the key actors of the rail systems and other sectors could be envisaged, creating the basis for the European rail traffic management for railways with integrated solutions associated to the respective governance.

In an open approach it deals with digital innovation, automation and automation, new energy sources, new materials, new systems architectures.

The team is preparing to associate to this initiative, keeping associated, aggregating the main Portuguese players in the sector.