Presence of centres of scientific excellence.

  • The prestige of the academic institution.
  • Presence of other talented researchers, leading to clustering of scientific excellence in some cities and regions.

In addition, career opportunities and quality-of-life factors play a large role in attracting academics.
Specific pull factors for students, that are related to academic aspects include:

  • International environments, where students can get intercultural experiences and international career opportunities.
  • Teaching and research quality.
  • Cost of study.
  • International reputation of the university.

There are also a number of general push factors that make it difficult to retain talent for longer periods. The most important ones are:

  • Lack of social and personal integration for the talent and his/her family.
  • Lack of jobs for accompanying partners.
  • Language barriers, both when it comes to finding ways to learn the local language, as well as obtaining corporate and public information in English.
  • Practical problems and red tape when it comes to issues such as official paperwork, finding housing, banking and insurance matters.
  • Lack of career opportunities and low salary

The attraction of talents of both national and foreign has been already an important focus of attention of the research units composing the LA. This is reflected in the fact, in the past 5 years, the research and training activities carried out in the context of R&D Units associated in the ARISE LA include, besides a large numbers of nationals, and foreign students and researchers have joined in the last 5 years.
The emergence of the ARISE AL will increase the capacity of attracting talents by enabling a more ambitious agenda. The attraction of talents implements the training and mobility pillar of ARISE approach, by promoting excellence through international cooperation and exchange of researchers and staff, both inward and outward, building on relevant on-going activities of the partners such as:

  1. the Marie Curie Alumni Association, the largest researchers association in the world, which is supported by the European Commission DG EAC contract; or
  2. the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School that includes partners in France, Estonia, Slovakia and Czech Republic and that as advance production and intelligent systems as focus, with the research component at ARISE.
  3. the Marie Curie MARINE UAS ITN.