ARISE-AL is in a unique position to respond and contribute to the enhancement of a wide variety of key public policies of the diverse ENEI 2014-20 strategic axis that transverses a wide swath of the national economy, notably, Production Technologies, Materials, Energy, Mobility, Information and Communication Technologies, with, also a significant relevance on Habitat, Economy of the Sea, Health, Agriculture, and Forestry. Moreover, the ARISE LA will push pushing the boundaries of advanced and comprehensive Reindustrialization and Decarbonization of Production Systems in accordance with the EU Horizon strategies, and the United Nations imperative for World Sustainable Development, while strengthening of the pertinent Research Infra-structures of the National Roadmap, and by taking advantage of the privileged European Commission national access channel PERIN.

  • Fundamental R&D activities of excellence, and their articulation with those pertaining the modernization, reindustrialization and decarbonization of productions systems. Moreover, these developments also target a pivotal role in adapting the sophisticated know-how underlying the efficiency of the advanced industrial manufacturing systems to production systems of other national economy sectors, such as, agriculture, forests, ocean, welfare services, and public administration.
  • Development of new products and services, leading to reinforcement in intellectual property registration in key economic activities.
  • Public policies addressing social, environment, and economic challenges that arise in Production Technologies for Process and Product industries, Habitat, Materials and Components, Information Technologies, Energy, and Health, among others.