Laboratory for Digital and Intelligent Industry (DIGI2)

The SYSTEC-DIGI2 targets the design, implementation and validation of smart components for advanced manufacturing system that introduce intelligence into industrial processes. By implementing a novel Framework related with Cyber-Physical Production Systems, the work carried out at SYSTEC-DIGI2 will contribute to the emergence of the factories of the future.

Targeting added value manufacturing concepts, SYSTEC-DIGI2 is highly interdisciplinary as it spans from the design and implementation of the smart components and supporting services (hardware and software), including the required infra-structures, to the CPPS conceptual frameworks underlying control, data analytics, intelligence and coordination. Currently the SYSTEC-DIGI2 develops research in the following thrusts:

  • Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems for Smart factories, which includes automated operation of the shop-floor, integrated embedded computers, real-time monitoring, adaptive control, autonomous actuation and cooperative machine to machine interaction.
  • Digital, virtual and resource-efficient factories, which includes human-team agile exploitation/analysis of vast amounts of digital information, knowledge management, informed planning and complex simulation and collaborative product-service engineering support.
  • Virtual Factories, which includes connected and collaborative enterprises and highly flexible global supply chains of connected eco-systems.

SYSTEC-DIGI2 is located in the Informatics Engineering and in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at FEUP, in room i124.