Check out Professor Adriano Carvalho’s (SYSTEC/ARISE) Interview

Check out the interview with Professor Adriano Carvalho (LEMR head) in the FEUP engineering official magazine.

SYSTEC & ARISE Researchers Proposal Approved for FCT Funding

Proposal by the SYSTEC researchers entitled “Speech recognition for the sound reconstructed using a bio-inspired geometric model” has been approved by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in the framework of the Call on Advanced Computing Projects: Artificial Intelligence in Cloud (2nd edition), more info here. Credits on the Google Cloud Platform equivalent to USD 74.100 have been granted. The call was intended to support research projects in Natural Language Processing, Ethics in artificial intelligence and other scientific areas where the Google Cloud Platform facilities in artificial intelligence and data analysis algorithms are useful. The granted computational resources will be used at the SYSTEC to solve computationally demanding problems involving machine learning methods in the framework of an international collaboration with French Universities. The computational project will be executed under coordination by the Principal Investigator, Dr. Roman Chertovskih and Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Rui Jorge Pereira Gonçalves.

SYSTEC’s Dr Roman Chertovskikh receives approval for Advanced Computing project

Dr Roman Chertovskikh, an integrated member of ARISE-LA/SYSTEC, has achieved a significant milestone in his research endeavours. His proposal was recently approved by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in the 3rd call for Advanced Computing Projects. This highly competitive call, organized by the National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA) and facilitated by the FCCN (FCT’s National Scientific Computing Unit), seeks to promote advancements in the field of advanced computing.

Dr Chertovskikh’s successful proposal has garnered him three million core hours on the state-of-the-art Oblivion supercomputers,  hosted at the High-Performance Computing Center of Évora University. This allocation, estimated to be worth around 40 thousand euros, will greatly enhance SYSTEC’s computational capabilities. It serves as a valuable resource for ongoing and future simulations involving large distributed systems, particularly in the areas of fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics.

The recognition bestowed upon Dr Chertovskikh’s proposal is a testament to ARISE-LA/SYSTEC’s excellence in research and innovation. Notably, SYSTEC’s proposals have consistently received support from the FCT in all calls for Advanced Computing Projects. This year, Dr Chertovskikh’s project stood out by achieving the highest classification in the evaluation panel dedicated to Earth and Environmental Sciences. Furthermore, it is the only proposal within that panel to secure 100% of the requested resources.

ARISE-LA/SYSTEC expresses its satisfaction and gratitude for the FCT’s unwavering support. Such recognition and allocation of resources enable the team to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and technological advancements. The computational power provided by the Oblivion supercomputers will further propel SYSTEC’s research capabilities, allowing for intricate and comprehensive simulations in their pursuit of knowledge.

  • For more details regarding the 3rd call for Advanced Computing Projects, please visit [1]. 
  • To learn more about the National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA), visit [2],
  • For information on the FCCN (FCT’s National Scientific Computing Unit), visit [3]. 
  • Additional information about the Oblivion supercomputers can be found at [4].

Open Call for PhD student positions (CEMMPRE-UC)

Positions available on Sim2Adapt: Multiscale approaches to improve the application of self-adaptive coatings in low friction mechanical systems (PhD Students)

University of Coimbra opened two PhD student positions (duration of the contract planned for 3 years).

The positions will focus on combining numerical and experimental multi-scale approaches to model the contact conditions, to improve knowledge concerning self-adaptive coatings and, consequently, support their controlled application for a wide range of sliding contact conditions. The fellowships will be involved in the execution of the following tasks:

  1. Feature extraction and metamodeling of TMD-base systems;
  2. Wear track mapping, including the study of the selected coating against softer and
  3. Development of contact mechanics multiscale models for self-adaptive coatings.

The research work will be carried out at CEMMPRE and LED&Mat (IPN).

Necessary qualifications: Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Data Science and Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering, Civil Engineering or Materials Engineering, and enrolled in a Ph.D. course or enrolled in a course not conferring an academic degree, with interest in numerical modelling.

Deadline: 17 May 2023

LA ARISE Presentation Ceremony (PT)

J. Norberto Pires Innovation Award – 2022

In the event INOVAÇÃO@UC the J. Norberto Pires Innovation Prize was also awarded, a form to pay tribute to this CEMMPRE’s researcher. The prize was attributed to Prof. Jorge Coelho who is also a CEMMPRE researcher with the project “Nerve Guide Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration”. The NervGen project aims to produce biodegradable devices by 3D printing for peripheral nerve regeneration.

Source: UC-News

CEMMPRE’s scientists in “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2022”

From the 55 scientists of Universidade de Coimbra in the list “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2022”, 10 belong to CEMMPRE

The list includes 200,000scientists, 763 belonging to Portuguese institutions, including 55 scientists from the University of Coimbra. The study distributes scientists by 22 scientific areas and 176 disciplines, considering their index, volume of publications and citations, according to the data available on Scopus in September 2022.

3D ADDITIVE EXPO-Feira de impressão 3D e fabrico aditivo. 9 – 12 /11/2022 (10-19 h) – EXPOSALÃO – Batalha

The stand of CEMMPRE and IPN based on Knowledge as essential “parameter” of Additive Manufacturing, shows present and future research about Additive Manufacturing (Materials and Technologies) applied to mechanical components/systems/devices. The exhibition was supported by researchers on 3D additive manufacturing technologies of CEMMPRE, contributing to disseminate and share to the visitants their experience on the latest materials and additive manufacturing technologies. The exhibition provided an overview of the state of art, design & modeling research, creative practice, and innovation&enterprise in 3D additive technologies. A QUIZ about the basic concepts in this area will let to selected 5 people to a special free course that promotes the formation to sustainable work in manufacturing, that could be the starting of industrial PhD.