Proposal of the SYSTEC researchers entitled “Sound reconstruction and speech recognition based on a bio-inspired geometric model” (Principal Investigator: Dr. Roman Chertovskih) has been approved in the framework of the Bilateral Cooperation Portugal-France 2023: joint competition under the PESSOA Program” [1]. Collaboration with the French team, coordinated by Prof. Ugo Boscain (Sorbonne Universit√©, Paris), started more than 10 years ago, and provided fruitful results in the field of corrupted image [2,3] and vector field [4] reconstruction by hypoelliptic diffusion. In the present project, it is planned to extend the previous¬† results on geometry of vision to the field of sound reconstruction, using the functional architecture of the auditory cortex. The grant provides financial support for scientific visits for both research teams, enabling the Portuguese and French scientists to intensify their joint work.